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Unbridled Mental Performance Academy:

Elevate Your Mindset

Are you tired of battling performance anxiety and struggling to make split-second decisions during your rides?

At Unbridled Mental Performance Academy, we understand the unique challenges that equestrian athletes face. That's why we've crafted a transformative 12-week coaching course tailored to help riders like you overcome mental hurdles and excel in the saddle.

Our program, Unbridled Mental Performance Academy, is your gateway to unlocking your full riding potential. We delve deep into the core issues that hinder equestrians, providing you with the tools and techniques necessary to thrive in your equestrian career.

Through personalized group coaching sessions and proven strategies, we'll guide you on a journey of self-discovery and growth. You'll learn to harness the power of your mindset, conquer performance anxiety, master decision-making, and confidently navigate the stresses of horse shows.

By the end of the program, you'll emerge as a more confident, resilient rider, prepared to tackle any challenge head-on. Whether aiming for top honors in the show ring or striving to reach new heights in your equestrian pursuits, Unbridled Mental Performance Academy will empower you to soar beyond your limitations.

Join us today and elevate your riding skills with Unbridled Mental Performance Academy.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, forging a path to success in the arena and beyond.

Two Futures, One Choice:

Close your eyes and envision your life five years from now. Without making any changes, imagine still battling anxiety, struggling to make decisions, and feeling overwhelmed by setbacks. The stresses of horse shows and setbacks weigh heavily on your shoulders, casting a shadow over your equestrian dreams.

Now, let's imagine an alternate path. Picture yourself five years from now, having taken the leap and joined Unbridled Mental Performance Academy. You confidently navigate the arena, make decisive choices, and embrace challenges with resilience. The stresses of horse shows and setbacks no longer hold power over you; instead, you approach them with resilience and determination, using each experience as an opportunity for growth.

Where do you want to be five years from now?

Let's make your equestrian dreams a reality together.

The Journey:


Breaking Through Mental Barriers: Learn how to overcome common mental blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent equestrians from reaching their full potential.


Fostering Mental Resilience: Cultivate the mental strength and resilience needed to navigate the highs and lows of the equestrian journey with confidence and grace.


Tailored Mental Performance Techniques: Learn specialized mental performance techniques designed specifically for equestrians, which will empower you to enhance your riding skills and performance in the arena.


Enhancing Focus and Concentration: Master techniques to sharpen your focus and concentration, enabling you to stay fully present and perform at your best, even in the most demanding situations.


Stress Management and Emotional Regulation: Develop effective strategies for managing emotions and handling stressors commonly encountered in the equestrian world, allowing you to maintain composure and thrive under pressure.


Boosting Confidence and Self-Belief: Build unshakable confidence and belief in your abilities as a rider, unlocking your true potential and paving the way for success in every aspect of your equestrian journey.


Prioritizing Mental Recovery and Self-Care: Embrace the importance of mental recovery and self-care practices tailored to the unique demands of the equestrian lifestyle, ensuring you remain refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle any challenge.


Setting and Achieving Goals: Take your equestrian aspirations to new heights with advanced goal-setting and planning techniques, empowering you to map your path to success and turn your dreams into reality.


How will this program benefit me as an equestrian athlete?

By joining Unbridled Mental Performance Academy, you'll gain invaluable tools and techniques to enhance your mental resilience, boost confidence, improve decision-making, and effectively manage stressors and setbacks commonly encountered in the equestrian world. Our program empowers you to reach your full potential as a rider and achieve your equestrian goals.

I'm concerned about the time commitment. How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?

We understand that equestrians lead busy lives, so Unbridled Mental Performance Academy is designed to be flexible and accommodating. While the program requires dedication and commitment, you can dedicate approximately 5-10 hours per week to coaching sessions, exercises, and practice. We aim to work with your schedule to ensure you get the most out of the program without overwhelming your existing commitments.

What if I'm not sure if this program is right for me?

We offer a complimentary consultation to see if we are a match. This allows you to speak directly with our team and learn more about how Unbridled Mental Performance Academy can benefit you. During this consultation, we'll discuss your specific needs, goals, and any concerns to determine if our program is the right fit for you.

What if I don't see results from the program?

We are committed to your success and offer ongoing support throughout your journey with Unbridled Mental Performance Academy. Our program is designed to deliver tangible results, but if you're not satisfied for any reason, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We'll work with you to address any concerns and ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.

Introducing Unbridled Mental Performance Academy:

The premier three-month program designed exclusively for equestrians like you. With our unique system, say goodbye to performance anxiety and hello to confident riding.

One-to-one support for additional hand-holding, customized feedback, and reviews! 12-month access to the digital course training videos with step-by-step guidance Amazing support from fellow equestrians on the same exact journey as you

What in it for you?

  • Gain invaluable strategies to make confident decisions in the saddle, enhancing your performance during rides.

  • Develop resilience to effectively cope with the stressors and setbacks commonly encountered in the equestrian world.

  • Unlock the secrets of mental resilience, equipping you with tools to bounce back stronger from challenges.

  • Overcome mental blocks and limiting beliefs that hinder your progress, enabling you to ride with newfound freedom.

  • Learn goal-setting techniques and self-care strategies to optimize your focus and well-being, both in and out of the arena.

  • Access exclusive coaching calls and a supportive Facebook community, providing guidance and encouragement from fellow equestrians.

  • Benefit from one-on-one support for personalized feedback and reviews, ensuring you receive tailored assistance throughout your journey.

  • Enjoy a full year of access to digital course training videos, offering ongoing support and guidance whenever you need it.


  • A guided workbook to help you transition and track your progress throughout the course.

  • A guided mindfulness meditation using progressive muscle relaxation that will help you center and ground yourself during competition and at home.

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