Hi, I’m Morgan

Hi, I’m Morgan.

Morgan advocates for the interconnection of the mind, body, and spirit, recognizing their pivotal role in overall wellness. With a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship among these facets, I've honed my expertise in optimizing mental performance, particularly in equestrian sports.

As an accomplished equestrian, my passion lies in guiding fellow riders to surmount barriers that impede their performance, enabling them to navigate the challenges within the arena and in their broader lives. I, too, grappled with the paralyzing uncertainties inherent in the competitive horse show environment. The looming "what-if" scenarios plagued me – fears of losing control of my horse concerns about external judgment, and doubts about the value of my efforts at the show. This fear of failure significantly hampered my performance, leaving me powerless in critical moments, despite possessing the skills to ride competently.

Recognizing the intricate dynamics of mastering riding skills while feeling incapacitated in the moment, I've leveraged my background as a therapist to aid individuals in identifying and triumphing over hurdles in their daily lives. I firmly believe in the necessity of fostering self-awareness and equipping oneself with the requisite tools for success.

My vocation and passion converge in empowering and arming individuals with the insights and resources essential to triumph over mental barriers, enhancing their performance in equestrian pursuits and their broader life endeavors.

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